Epox is the textual representation that the tree GP (XGP) part of the EpochX framework uses to represent programs. Programs look something like this:
ADD(3.0, MUL(5.0, -1.0))
It is not a full blown programming language, and no compiler exists for it. However, EpochX does include a parser, which will convert the string representation into a valid node tree, which can then be evaluated. This allows the grammar representations (XGR, XGE) to evolve programs in Epox, given a valid grammar. Examples of this can be found in the source of the following packages:
  • org.epochx.gr.model.epox
  • org.epochx.ge.model.epox

See the FunctionParser (in future releases this will be renamed EpoxParser) class for details of parsing Epox.